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Nice Four

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Nice Activism

Kate O'Connor

Usually my Style Crush is a little more frivolous. But this week I wanted to focus on some of the art that I have seen around in support of Womens marches, love trumping hate and the celebration of diversity. I truly believe that in times of despair, darkness and hate is when you see more courage, hope, light and love. (side note: apologies for not knowing all the exact titles of artworks... not my intention to be rude or to not apply appropriate reference).

No. 1
LISA CONGDON is a prolific and heart-warming American illustrator who will always puts a smile on your face. Her books and prints are just stunning and of late she been sharing some uplifting politically themed artwork, reminding us all of the good in the world, and the importance of compassion. Lisa: you are amazing.

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No. 2.
HOLLY MAGUIRE is an illustrator based in the UK. This work featuring the importance of diversity is playful and understated but in my mind, hugely POWERFUL. You can buy her prints on etsy and they make my heart sing.

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No. 3. 
GALE KABAKER creates exceptional, expressive illustrations and animations This image was created for the cover of RESIST and her poignant description on insta "making art heals a broken heart" resonates greatly with me!

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No. 4.
As we have all seen, SHEPARD FAIREY adapted the Obama "HOPE" poster and created the now infamous "We the People" poster featuring an image of Munira Ahmed taken over a decade ago. It has become a symbol of the Womens Marches that happened across the globe as we all witnessed history in the making. It is truly an example of how art and design can effect every day life. Wow.

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