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Nice Four

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To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. 

Nice Australian Fashion

Kate O'Connor

Hey KEN DONE: Eat. Your. Heart. Out. (actually I think that Ken Done did a talk at my college back in the day and I remember it being FAB... and quite frankly I think he also ROCKS). But the sisters be doin' it for themselves.... It's AUSTRALIA DAY so lets celebrate that beauty that is "Australiana" in fashion, and the beautiful Aussie women that are bringing it to us. I love how our Great Land inspires artists and how our irreverance, playfulness and positivity is reflected in the prints below. 

No. 1
JULIE WHITE makes the BEST Aussie inspired prints. I actually could have listed four of her products here. Like, uuhhhhh her prawn napkins. Genius! But lets focus on just the one here: Those wild flower socks. With many a pretty aussie flower, but most noteably in my mind, the Sturt Dessert Pea. Gorgeous!
Wildflowers Socks Pink
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No. 2.
JENNY KEE. She is a rockstar. An Earth-Mother. A style guru. Her knits are out of this world and her scarves are to die for.
Flamingo Waratah
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No. 3. 
CAMEO THE LABEL did a Floral Wonderland campaign in 2014 with the most elegant prints and extraordinarily stunning art-direction. SO truly after my own heart and it has always stayed with me.

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No. 4.
CASSIE BYRNES is a Melbourne based designer who does the MOST stunning modern prints. They are all expressive, confident, fun. The almost dance in front of your very eyes and she's done some amazing collaborations. This protea inspired number is stunning.
Elko Dress – Protea
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