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Nice Four

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Nice Vases

Kate O'Connor

I realised the other day (as I reached for a vase at home) that I have never done a "Nice Four" post on vases. I love that some can be a work of art in their own right, and others serve more to hero the flowers that they hold. It's such a lovely example of something we all have in our homes, and the play of form versus function is endless. There are SO many beauties on the market, but these are a few of my fave (from Aussie and Scandinavian designers).

No. 1
DINOSAUR DESIGNS wins me over in a head-over-heels kind of way in pretty much every category on the planet, and vases is certainly no different. Their swirling resin is beautiful, unpredictable, unique and delicious. Love the subtlety of this little number, which would look just as beautiful with and without flowers.
Medium Resin Pebble Vase - Rock Swirl
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No. 2.
HANNE WILLMANN connects flowers to table in the most effortless, floaty manner. Love the minimalism and restriction of this design, that truly heroes what Mother Nature has to offer. 
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No. 3. 
BY NORD uses the most wonderful of smoky glassware to accentuate Mother Nature. The pieces are robust and dramatic but at the same time delicate and sympathetic. They have a classic beauty that I think would have looked as beautiful in the Grandparents homes as they would in my own. 
Bifrost Vase Green
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No. 4.
RUBY PILVEN is an Australian ceramist based in Melbourne. Her jewellery and homewares are exquisite, detailed, unique and also playful. I cannot get enough of her mix of colour, graphics and textures.
X-Large Wrap Vessel
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