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Nice Four

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Nice Rings

Kate O'Connor

Every time my birthday or Christmas is approaching, my family ask me what I would like as a gift (as my family go a little PRESENT CRAZY at special times of year). And every year I reply "some pretty rose-gold jewellery" which is met with rolls of eyes hehe (although I like to think that my predictability is part of my charm). I just love the craftsmanship of fine jewellers – what amazing skill that they have, and what a special way to make a living. I'm guessing it must be such an honour for your clients to wear your work all day and every day. Below are some of my favourites.

No. 1
LOTT STUDIO is based in Melbourne and I wear two of her extraordinarily beautiful and-made fine beauties every day. I adore how ornate they are and I aim to one day have one on each of my skinny little fingers. The one named 065 gradually increases in size as it wraps around the finger. I've not seen anything like it on the market and I heart it so very much.
Rings 065/
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No. 2.
ERNEST AND JOE is a Mother, Daughter and Son team from Geelong in Victoria. They recycle Australian sterling silver and gold and their designs are delicate but at times also playful.
Gold Heart Stackable
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No. 3. 
ALEXIS RUSSELL makes the most beautiful, confident, and modern jewellery that oozes personal style. She isn't afraid to march to the beat of her own drum and the result is the most unique and stunning range of jewellery. The ring featured here is described on her website as "Tourmaline in Quartz is clear or white quartz with rutiles of Black Tourmaline within its crystal.  This stone is said to purify ones own energies and protect from negativity". I love her sense of story and brand confidence. Amazing.
Tourmaline in Quartz Cage Ring
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No. 4.
CURIOUSLY OBSESSED by Emma McKimmie creates lovely fun statement pieces that I always think resemble wearing a rose gold leaf on your hand. This beauty was created using a specialised technique to apply a thin layer of copper to a found object – her thinking is to give it another life. Love that full-circle thinking. 
Copper 11 Ring
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