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Nice Four

swoon definition:
To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. 

Nice Scarves

Kate O'Connor

I am SUCH a scarf person. As far as I am concerned, they are the ultimate accessories and this week I am focussing on a combo of warmer and lightweight ones... because the Summer MUST be coming sometime soon, right?! 

No. 1
ALESANDRO LJUBICIC is a Sydney-based artist that makes the most expressive and textural and colourful paintings. Swoon. I could get lost in his paintings for hours. This scarf features one of is works and almost makes it feel like it is dancing.
Magnolia Scarf
image cred:

No. 2.
MARIMEKKO can, in my opinion, do nothing wrong. I have their prints on my wall and their homewares in my cupboards. Love this version of their famous Unikko Flower by Maija ja Kristina Isola
Mai Scarf
image cred:

No. 3. 
CALVIN KLEIN always get monochrome right. Want. 
Calvin Klein Scarf black
image cred:

No. 4.
COUNTRY ROAD always have scarves at just the right size and the Winter ones are delightfully light but warm. Love the understated tonality of this navy one.
Bold Stripe Scarf Navy
image cred: