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Nice Four

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Nice Gardening Tools

Kate O'Connor

There is something oh-so beautiful about an "ordinary" object being reimagined so that it turns an every day routine into a beautiful ritual. I love looking after my plants - nurturing them and seeing them grow with some Kate-love. And I'm coveting every one of these gardening tools below.

No. 1
The TAJIKA family has been producing handcrafted scissors and shears in Japan for over four generations.
Flower Scissors by Tajika
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No. 2.
GRAFA makes the most elegant range of artisnal gardening tools I have ever seen. The owner (Travis) was inspired by the Austrian naturalist movement that found benefits of using copper tools in soil and agriculture.
Tube - Handmade copper garden trowel
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No. 3. 
EMMA SADIE THOMPSON know exactly how to treat Mother Nature right. 
Haws Indoor Watering Can Copper
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No. 4.
Sold at TERRAIN, these misters are so delicate and gorgeous, to keep your plants feeling hydrated and happy.
Brass Plant Mister
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