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Nice Four

swoon definition:
To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture. 

Nice Beachy Days (Beach Towels!)

Kate O'Connor

The only thing I really know for sure in this little life of mine is that Vitamin Sea is the one things that continues to keep me sane. Living near the water is truly one of the greatest blessing I could ask for and I'm grateful for it every day. If I'm happy, sad, pensive, stressed, celebrating or relaxing, you'll find me at the beach. I'll be honest, I've never understood those people who say they "don't like sand"! Hehe. Which means a good beach towel is a MUST...

No. 1
THE BEACH PEOPLE make the original "roundie" and the most beautiful styles. I think The Tulum might be out of stock atm but it's still one of my faves. I love the strength of their brand, their sense of style and beauty (plus they're a great size to share if you want to snuggle up with someone nice on the beach).
The Tulum
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No. 2.
COUNTRY ROAD are a staple in my house. The bold and confident designs never date and the quality/weight is beautiful as well. Love this monochromatic beauty.
Montego Beach Towel
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No. 3. 
ADAIRS do like to run with a FUN graphic and this not-so-prickly cactus gem is testament to this. Why shouldn't your towel make you smile?
Velour Cactus Beach Towel
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No. 4.
ARROW AND HEART get on the round-towel bandwagon with a beautiful palm print. I haven't seen one of these beauties in the flesh but they look like beauties from the interwebs!
Palm Leaf Round Beach Towel
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